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In 2007 Maurice Cregan and Colm Kelly established CK Financial Services to provide financial planning and advice to business owners and individuals. Maurice & Colm set up Financial Life & Pensions Limited,

Tommy O’Brien, a General Insurance expert, then joined them in 2010, enabling them to meet the full financial needs of their clients. Maurice, Colm, and Tommy set up O’Brien Cregan Kelly Limited.

In 2013, the two companies registered  two business names: Cregan Kelly O’Brien Financial Planning, and Cregan Kelly O’Brien Insurances respectively to complement their synergy.

Cregan Kelly O’Brien offers a unique combination of experienced financial planners from Cregan Kelly O’Brien Financial Planning, and expert Insurance brokers from Cregan Kelly O’Brien Insurances, and  accounting and tax specialists from Cregan Kelly Accountants. Almost always, key financial decisions regarding a business or family have implications across related areas, and these need to be fully understood before choosing the right option. Using our unique “On Track” approach, we work together to get to the heart of your financial challenges and devise solutions to suit your unique circumstances.

We are fully convinced that this collaboration of skills in accounting, financial planning and insurance enables us to offer the most comprehensive advice and solutions available to our clients in the market today.

The diagram below shows how as a result of working together, we can address important financial and insurance challenges of our clients.

Collaboration sits at the heart of our offering. Taking an overall view of your financial situation and challenges enables us to help you make better choices.

We bring Cregan Kelly O’Brien Insurances & Cregan Kelly O’Brien Financial Planning expertees together to enable us to work with you to address all of your insurance and financial challenges. As a result of taking this broader look at your affairs, we can ensure that all the solutions that we put in place fit together, maximising the benefits to you and ensuring that costs are kept as low as possible.

Our Services Include:-

  • Financial Planning
  • Future Cash Flow Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Wealth Management & Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Business Insurance Risk Management
  • Family Protection & Personal Insurances
  • Find Best Market Options Available

Key Benefits of choosing Cregan Kelly O’Brien

  • Peace of Mind: You can rest easy that all areas of your finances will be examined by experts in their specific fields, ensuring no area gets overlooked.
  • Financial Clarity: As we collaborate to address all areas of your finances, we can take a holistic view and devise appropriate solutions, taking all factors into account.
  • Control of your finances:As your circumstances change, we will ensure that any tweaking of solutions happens across all areas of your finances as we have an overall view of your situation.
  • Easily managed: You only have to ring one firm for answers to all of your financial questions & issues!
  • Better financial choices: Because of our overall view of your entire financial picture, we can make more informed and better financial choices for you.

Cregan Kelly O’Brien is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

We are members of the Irish Brokers Association and Professional Insurance Brokers Association


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