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5 Pension Tax Benefits for Sole Traders

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  • Income tax relief in respect of all pension contributions subject to a max earnings cap of €115,000 and the following limits;
    • Under 30,    15% of net relevant earnings;
    • 30 to 40,    20% of net relevant earnings;
    • 40 to 50,    25% of net relevant earnings;
    • 50 to 54,    30% of net relevant earnings;
    • 55 to 59,    35% of net relevant earnings;
    • 60 and over,    40% of net relevant earnings;
  • Tax Free Investment growth, pension funds grow tax free, no DIRT tax payable on the investment growth.  
  • Tax free cash, 25% of all pension funds can be draw down tax free subject to a max of €200,000.
  • Approved Retirement Fund [ARF] is a tax efficient option for the balance of your pension eg: 75% after your 25% tax free lump sum. Income from your ARF can be draw down to minimise your personal tax, subject to a minimum drawdown of 4% per annum.  The benefits from the ARF can be inherited tax free by  spouse and by children over 21.
  • Tax Free Death Benefits to Spouse or Civil Partners in respect of Life cover that Self Employed people can put in place. The cost of the cover is a tax write off also.
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