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New low mortgage interest rate of 3.75% now available from ICS MORTGAGES for Buy to Let Mortgages from 1st July 2019

This is good news for anyone looking to buy a Residential investment property or release equity from an existing property.

  • Capital and Interest rates on offer from 3.75% reduced from 4.29%
  • Interest only interest rates on offer from 4.75% reduced from 4.95%

Other additional changes

  • Term on Capital and Interest option extended from 20 to 25 years
  • Pre ‘63/Multi-unit properties, will now allow for up to 12 units as standard subject to all Building Regulations.
  • Other features include

    • Interest only option for term of 5 to 15 years
    • Flexi Mortgage option available for up to 35 years, part interest only and part Capital and Interest

    For more information on any of the above please contact Colm Kelly or John O’Boyle 01 8700370

    See the full breakdown of interest rates and options attached



    ICS Mortgages have introduced Ireland's only specialised Buy-To-Let mortgage. The product is designed to allow investors to quickly obtain approval through an efficient and simple process - so investors who have found an investment opportunity can quickly obtain the funds required to secure the property. Investors can also opt for a flexi mortgage where you can pay back interest only for up to 10 years, and then revert to a Capital and Interest mortgage thereafter. The maximum loan period is also 35 years rather than the traditional 20-25 years. The maximum loan to value (LTV) is 70%.

    They can also choose an interest only option for up to li15 years.

    Investors have three repayment options:

    • 5 to 15 year interest only;
    • 20 year capital and interest option;
    • 35 year flexi mortgage option where 1-10 years interest only, remaining 25 years on a capital and interest repayment.

    The product is suitable for:-

    • People interested in buying an investment property;
    • People wishing to buy a property with a mortgage through their pension
    • Investors wishing to release equity from an existing investment property to purchase another property;
    • Investors coming to the end of a mortgage term and wish to extend the terms;
    • Older investors (up to 75yrs old) who are nearing the 65yr old limit from traditional lenders.

     The new product from ICS Mortgages for Buy-To-Let or residential investment properties (RIP’s) will shake up the mortgage market for anyone interested in looking to purchase an investment property.

    The mortgage market for buying residential investment properties is starting to heat up with lower mortgage rates. The new mortgage from ICS properties makes it much easier to buy an investment property or release equity from an existing property.

    The rental market has never been stronger and rental income on investment properties has increased by 12% year to date (2018).

    The new mortgage facility can offer you the following:-

    • Finance an investors first Residential Investment Property;
    • Release Equity from existing rental properties to purchase an additional RIP or use the equity released for your own personal use;
    • Refinance existing mortgage facility to get either a lower mortgage rate or extend your mortgage term.

    Mortgage Interest Rates

    • 4.29% for Capital and Interest Mortgages LTV less than 50%;
    • 4.79% for Capital and Interest Mortgages LTV over 50%;
    • 4.95% for Interest Only Mortgages LTV less than 50%;
    • 5.45% for Interest Only Mortgages LTV over 50%.

    If you would like more information contact me

    Colm Kelly
    Cregan Kelly O’Brien Financial Planning

    email colm@ckob.ie
    Phone 01 870 0370

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