Financial Advice
It’s certainly true that face-to-face meetings are much more relaxed.

It’s an altogether more natural experience. There’s an emotional connection that happens without thinking about it. It’s easier to sense when someone needs to pause and reflect, and there are more comfortable silences. There’s also less chance of us talking over one another.

That’s why we’ll always advocate face-to-face interaction – and why we’re looking forward to seeing you again one day soon hopefully! But in the meantime, we want you to feel confident that your review meetings and catch ups with us – whether on the phone or via video – will still be just as effective as in person.

We understand what an uncertain and worrying time it will be for many and that now more than ever you’ll want to talk to someone in a relaxed a way as possible.

As always we are there to advise you
As ever, we’ll listen to your concerns and provide you with feedback and solutions based on your individual needs and priorities. We’ll also make every effort to make things clear and simple.We’ll also invite you to participate comfortably in the conversation and ask us any number of questions – we really mean it when we say there’s no such thing as a silly question!We hope this provides reassurance that now is still a good time for a financial review. By re-setting your financial plan at this point, we can put recent market performance and your longer-term financial plans into context. It will also give you the chance to pause, reflect and resettle your mind.We look forward to speaking to you.
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