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Starting a pension plan is one of the smartest decisions you can make. It could help ensure a brighter, better future to look forward to.

You need to carefully consider when you wish to retire , how much you need to save and where best to actually invest your money. At Cregan Kelly O’Brien Financial Planning , this is what we do . Using our On Track process , we help you to clarify your retirement objectives and ultimately achieve them in a controlled and structured way.

We are here to help you set up the pension plan that’s right for you.


Getting the best out of your retirement

Our objective is to help you build the max pension fund allowable at retirement so that you can enjoy your retirement years. Our pension advice service will help you achieve your pension goals and we tailor our advice process to your specific needs and requirements.

Director & Employee Pensions

A Company Pension –  is a pension plan provided by an employer for its employees.This is a tax efficient way for you to help ensure your employees are financially secure in retirement as it offers employees the opportunity to avail of tax-reliefs against contributions.

Benefits for employers and employees
As an employer, providing a Company Pension Plan to your employees will help attract new staff and retain existing employees.Cregan Kelly & O’Brien will play an active role in engaging your employees so they are involved in their retirement planning, and therefore recognise the value of your company’s investment in them.
Directors Pensions

This is a financial product that facilitates the tax efficient transfer of cash from your company’s balance sheet into an investment account in your own name.

Tax efficient because there‘s no personal tax liability or BIK for you and the company gets corporation tax relief on the contributions being made and your investment grows tax-free for the entire term.


  • Salary: (PAYE, PRSI & USC): 52%+
  • Dividends: 25% – 40%
  • Capital Gains: 33%
  • Benefit in Kind: 30%
  • Pension contribution 0%

The trade off for this 0% rate is that the earliest you can access it is 60 under normal circumstances but you can opt to take your benefits from 50 if you wish.

As a director, you are in the unique position of being able to combine your current income needs and future income needs into one plan.

How Are Director Pension Entitlements Calculated?

As a company director, The Revenue Commissioners will allow you to build a retirement asset up to a limit of €2,000,000 but you can go up to €2,150,000

However, the actual amount you can target under revenue rules is determined by a formula which is determined by your;

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Retirement Age
  • Annual Income
  • Potential Service
  • Existing pension values

Director pensions are set up under trust which means they’re legally separate from the business and you i.e. you’re building wealth independently from the business.

The legal trust is established via a letter of exchange which is signed by all parties at commencement.

Once in place, the company can make regular monthly payments on your behalf until your nominated retirement age.

It’s important to note that a directors pension does not inhibit you from selling the business. It doesn’t affect any of your entitlements under the retirement relief provisions if you should sell the business in the future.

Getting the best out of your retirement

Our objective is to help you build the max pension fund allowable at retirement so that you can enjoy your retirement years. Our pension advice service will help you achieve your pension goals and we tailor our advice process to your specific needs and requirements.

Self Administered Pension Funds


One of the most flexible ways to save for retirement is through a self-administered pension. These plans also give you control over the investment strategy, and  income you take in retirement – subject to government minimums. When you pass away, your estate inherits any assets in the SSAP.

You do not have to be a company director to have an SSAP, any employee can set up a SSAP with the permission of their employer.

You can even purchase property or land, offset all of the expenses (including solicitors, auctioneer, stamp duty, property tax, water charges, maintenance, and management charges); pay no Capital Gains Tax and the rental income can be used as income in your retirement.

Who are the Parties to the SSAP?

You are the member trustee of the SSAP. The trustees are responsible for, and control all aspects of the SSAP’s investment strategy and payment of retirement benefits.

One of the trustees must include a professional trustee also called a ‘Pensioneer Trustee’. This trustee must be an individual or company who are pension experts and be approved by the Revenue Commissioners to act as a Pensioneer Trustee.

Cregan Kelly O’Brien arrange all the legal documents required to setup the SSAP, and arrange for initial approval from the Revenue. Cregan Kelly O’Brien will also arrange all ongoing services such as accounting, actuarial services, and the appointment of the Pensioneer Trustee.

Buying a Property with Your Pension Fund

  • Company Directors
  • Sole traders/ Self Employed and Partnerships See more information on Self Employed Pensions
  • Professionals
  • Company Executives
  • Employers who are looking to set up pension for employees
  • Employees with existing pension benefits from previous employments , or employees who have been made redundant and looking for advice or employees looking for advice to set up AVC,s or Additional Voluntary contributions

What are my Options when I Retire ?

There are various options for you to consider when you retire and we will help you choose the right one for you , generally the options are as follows

1.Tax free Cash , generally either 25% of the total pension fund or up to 1.5 times your final remuneration based your years of service , we will explain these 2 options in more detail at our meeting; 2.Annuity or pension for life , this option will guarantee you a pension for the rest of your life and can include a spouses pension and the annuity can be either level or indexing; 3.Approved Retirement fund [ARF] and Approved Minimum Retirement Fund [AMRF]. see more information on ARF and AMRF

These options are available to most people retiring apart from employees coming with pension benefits coming from Defined Benefit pension schemes.
If you decide to choose this option you must invest a min of €63,500 into an AMRF until age 75 unless you have a guaranteed pension income of more than €12,700 which can include a state pension.
The balance can be invested into an ARF and once you are 60 and over you must draw down a min of 5% per annum from the fund.
The money in the ARF and AMRF is your asset and you will need independent advice in relation to how this money is invested.

We can help you all these options

No matter what your particular pension requirements are we will be able to help and advice you , why not call us today at 01 8700370 for an initial meeting.

Are you someone who is coming close to retirement See more information on retiring soon and want advice as to the best options open to you?. Or are you someone who has, already retired and you are not happy with how your pension is performing or you feel you are getting little or no ongoing advice?.

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