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ESG & Sustainable Investing

We want to give you choice and power. At Cregan, Kelly O’Brien, we believe that when you invest you should expect more than just strong performance.

That’s why we offer a broad range of sustainable solutions from some of the world’s leading fund managers through Aviva to allow you invest in line with your values

Did you know you could make a positive impact on the world by simply choosing an Investment fund with a more responsible approach for your pension? Knowing what funds your savings are invested in has become a key decision-maker when choosing a pension for so many people today.

So what exactly is ESG investing?

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing looks at more than just financial metrics. It’s focused on building a more sustainable future by investing your money in companies and funds that meet strict environmental, social and governance criteria. By considering these additional factors, investors and pension providers can invest your savings in companies that drive positive change in the world.

This means investing less in companies that harm the world and more in companies that are trying to help it, aiming to grow your money responsibly. These are also known as responsible investments.


How corporations interact with the physical environment, like Climate Change, Biodiversity, Natural Resources, Carbon Emissions, Air and Water Pollution and Energy Use.


Looks at the impact companies have on society and communities including Human Rights, Health and Safety Issues, Labor Standards, Product Liability, Privacy and Data Security.


This focuses on how companies are governed including diversity transparency ownership board independence ethics and executive compensation


  • Sustainable solutions offer a huge financial opportunity.
  • As long-term investors, your pension funds have the opportunity to invest directly in the companies and funds such as in renewable technologies and infrastructure that are working towards a low carbon economy and sustainable future.
  • Your pension scheme should connect with your values and net zero goals.
  • Many businesses have set goals to decarbonise their organisations, the sustainability of your pension funds should align to the wider climate change strategy being pursued by your business.
  • Sustainable pensions can also engage your people. Employees are increasingly looking for their pension scheme investments to make a positive impact on the environment and society.
  • New legislation, governance and reporting standards are coming down the line and will be in place to address climate-related risks and report the pension funds’ carbon emission metrics and targets
What is ESG Investing?
Your pension can make a difference

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